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Moodpath Mental Health App Review

As of today, July 17, 2019, I only have a few stressors. I turn 20 on July 19 and I dislike change so that is messing with my anxiety. Along with that, I am beginning to think about heading back to school. Besides that, all of my relationships are healthy and I’m happy for the most part.


“Moodpath” is unlike the other two apps in the respect that it isn’t a meditation app. Instead, it is a questionnaire app that asks you a few questions every couple of hours about your mood and how life is going. At the end of two weeks, it writes up a report on your mental health for you to give a mental health specialist. First glance at this app, it is very user friendly. Your “moodpath” is the main page at it shows how you feel throughout the day. There is also a “pause” tab which is somewhat like guided meditation. It helps you stop and breathe, but there is only one session that is free. Everything else, you need to have the membership which is $6.49 per month or $53.99 per year. There is also a “discover” app which is for helping you understand the psychology of mood. I haven’t fully played around with it yet, but it seems like an interesting addition to the app. Finally, there is an “insights” tab which is a summary of the questions you answered so far. Based on your responses, the app gives you a run down of what it believes you are going through and tips to get through it. So far, this is super interesting and I can’t wait to see what it has to say at the end of the two weeks.

After two weeks, I can honestly say that I enjoyed this app the most. The reason being is that you only have to interact with it a couple of minutes a day and then it will give you a result. Unlike “Calm” and “Headspace,” “Moodpath” isn’t a meditation app but rather a questionnaire app. Sometimes it would repeat questions you previously said yes on. If you say yes to anything negative, it will ask you about what degree you feel like that, ranging from “not at all” to “very much.” I got the result I expected, and from that the app generated a letter for a professional to read. All I have to do is print it off and hand it in.

The only parts of this app I didn’t like were the “pause” and “discover” tabs. I never used them because I felt like they didn’t fit in with the app overall. However, because of ease of use and professionalism, I rate this app an 8/10.

Thank you for following this mental health journey with me!


Brooke Crockett is a third year student at the Ohio State University with an anticipated graduation of May 2020. She is majoring in Strategic Communication and double-minoring in Professional Writing and Nonprofit Studies. She is the current marketing/PR intern for NAMI Greater Toledo.