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Engaging and Supporting the Faith Community

Established by the Kinschner Family of Hope Lutheran Toledo, the Mental Health Faith Council strives to engage and educate the whole faith community in matters related to mental health and addiction.

Mental Health Faith Council Mission

  • Monthly meetings, community dialogues, and events
  • Networking and interacting with all denominations and faiths
  • Restoring hope for all individuals and families of all faiths affected by mental illness
  • Erasing the stigma of mental illness through awareness and education
Membership Opportunity The Mental Health Faith Council is open to any community member who has a passion for the connection between faith and mental wellness. Contact Sherry Krieger to learn more at


Recording from Past Faith Council Events

10TH Annual Mental Health Faith Conference:

Day 1: Tending to Ambiguous Losses in Uncertain Times

Day 2: Tending to Ambiguous Losses in Uncertain Times

Lunch & Learn video replays 

From Zoom Series: “Coping with COVID-19”

Compassion Fatigue is Real: Jun 4, 2020

When the Basics are NOT enough – Hope and Resources for Parents and Families with children and youth | May 28, 2020

Mental Health, Emotional and Spiritual Resources for Parents, Families with Small Children | May 21, 2020


Other Video Replays From Zoom Events

Pandemic Loss: Strengthening Your Resiliency: Sep 10, 2020

Dealing with AMBIGUOUS LOSS: Jul 30, 2020

Flourishing after Adversity – the Paradox of Post-Traumatic Growth: Jun 25, 2020